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  • Development of controlled release formulations of imidacloprid for canegrub control: final report 2014/006 

    Ward, A (Sugar Research Australia, 2016)
    Canegrub damage resulting from a variety of scarab species is a major productivity constraint for about 50% of Australian sugarcane farmers. Affected growers are spread across all cane growing districts and across all ...
  • Welcome to the 2014 spring edition of CaneConnection 

    Ward, A (2014)
    Welcome to the Spring edition of CaneConnection. With harvest now in full swing, we have entered one of our busier times of the year, with the crush progressing, fertiliser application under way and fallow planning commencing. ...
  • Welcome to the 2014 summer edition of CaneConnection 

    Ward, A (2014)
    Welcome to the summer edition of CaneConnection. We feature updates on Sugar Research Australia’s (SRA) strategy to enhance adoption; progress being made by our plant breeders; ways to maximise productivity and profitability ...
  • Welcome to the 2014 winter edition of CaneConnection 

    Ward, A (2014)
    A good crop starts with planting the right variety using high-quality plant material. So, in this edition of CaneConnection, we preview three new varieties selected by the Herbert Variety Adoption Committee for production ...
  • Welcome to the first edition of CaneConnection 

    Ward, A (2013)
    In this edition we cover a variety of seasonally relevant issues as well as an update on our work into understanding Yellow Canopy Syndrome.
  • Welcome to the second edition of CaneConnection 

    Ward, A (2013)
    With the crush now completed we focus on the new crop and laying the foundations to maximising productivity and profitability in the coming season. For every cropping cycle, obtaining the maximum yield potential starts ...
  • Welcome to the third edition of CaneConnection 

    Ward, A (2014)
    In our last edition of CaneConnection, we focused on the fallow period and some of the key steps that can be taken to lay the foundations for the next crop cycle. Having navigated his important phase, we focus on some of ...