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  • Sugar soils : a guide to characterising Australian sugarcane soils 

    Eldridge, SM (CRC for Sustainable Sugar Production, 2003)
    The purpose of this book is to help those who are variously responsible for developing, promulgating or implementing advice on how to best manage sugar soils in an agronomic context. In particular, it emphasises the ...
  • Weed management in sugarcane manual 

    Ross, P; Fillols, E (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2017)
    This manual covers all stages of the sugarcane crop cycle, as well as looking at the suitability of various herbicides for various weeds, and the best application of herbicides. It also provides the latest information on ...
  • MillingMatters Autumn 2017 

    Unknown author (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2017)
  • Collaboration the key to ongoing improvement in harvest efficiency 

    Unknown author (2017)
    Excessive harvesting losses are not just an issue in Australia, but also in overseas industries. SRA Adoption Officer Phil Patane travelled to the Brazil and the US to learn more.
  • Enhancing the sugar industry value chain 

    Unknown author (2017)
    A major collaborative and comprehensive research and adoption program is underway to optimise the efficiency of the sugarcane harvest and deliver positive outcomes across the value chain.
  • Milling trials assess soft canes 

    Unknown author (2017)
    When a new variety is approved for release for a region within the Australian sugarcane industry, a range of factors are considered to assess how it will perform for sugarcane growers and millers.
  • Assessing the value of using bagasse as a paper pulp 

    Unknown author (2017)
    A major research project is investigating the potential to turn bagasse into paper pulp, which would help greatly lift the value of a resource that is put to an otherwise low-value use.
  • New MSF partnership to help the Reef 

    Unknown author (2017)
    MSF Sugar is partnering with the Australian Government and growers to improve the quality of the water entering the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Improving value chain efficiency through cane cleaning 

    Unknown author (2017)
    Research is investigating new technology that could transform parts of the sugarcane harvesting and milling process, through a potential new cane-cleaning technology.
  • Presenting the latest milling research to stakeholders 

    Unknown author (2017)
    SRA and QUT recently worked together to provide a series of research updates for the milling sector across the Australian industry.
  • Milling research investment 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Upcoming SRA Milling Webinars 

    Unknown author (2017)
    The SRA Milling Webinar series provides milling staff and other industry stakeholders with the opportunity to learn more about milling research topics and projects, and also discuss the information being presented.
  • Variety decisions rest with the local industry through new RVCs 

    Unknown author (2017)
    With changes to biosecurity legislation in both Queensland and New South Wales the previous process for the approval and release of sugarcane varieties from Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has changed.
  • Best-practice surface drainage for low-lying sugarcane lands Herbert District : a manual for extensionists and practitioners 

    Reghenzani, JR; Roth, CR (BSES Limited, 2006)
    Cane growers in all deistricts often have to deal with excess water on or near the soil surface. However, the problem occurs most frequently in the high rainfall Mackay, Herbert and Wet Tropics districts. Wetness problems ...
  • Reduced tillage boosts soil health at Woodburn 

    Pfeffer, B (2017)
    A combination of strip tillage, soybeans and faba beans is delivering positive results for the Haynes brothers in the Broadwater mill area of northern NSW.
  • From swinging a hammer to cutting cane 

    Pfeffer, B (2017)
    Young farmer Danny Lickiss is introducing changes such as a soybean rotation and wider rows to the farming system.
  • RP20 - How one trial has changed a mindset 

    Evers, A (2017)
    Collaborators in the RP20 project in the Burdekin speak in this article about the success of the project. The RP20 project began with on goal in mind - to validate the SIX EASY STEPs method for calculating the amount of ...
  • Solid 2016 result at Tolga on the Tableland 

    Unknown author (2017)
    Having grown a range of rotational crops in the past, Joe Trimarchi is looking beyond the traditional crops and vegetables that are subject to wild market variations to something he has not tried before.
  • News from SRA 

    Unknown author (2017)
    We update you on recent activities occurring within your industry-owned company for research, development and adoption.
  • Improved yield forecasting and N management through remote sensing 

    Unknown author (2017)
    Advances in remote sensing technology - and research to apply it within the sugarcane industry - is hoped to deliver improvements to yield forecasting and nitrogen management for the Australian industry.

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