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  • Some notes and some comments on Bureau history 

    Unknown author (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1970)
    The historical notes which .follow are necessarily brief; and Bureau staff will find considerably more detail, on some aspects, in "Fifty Years of Scientific Progress" and in the Annual Reports and Technical Communications ...
  • Chemical sprays for weed control 

    Vallance, LG (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1952)
    Weeds have been the bugbear of the farmer from time immemorial. They have added to his cost of production and limited the growth of his crops in no uncertain manner. It is safe to say that ever since man commenced to till ...
  • Weed control 

    Young, HE (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1962)
    A weed can be defined as an unwanted plant, or as a plant growing in the wrong place. Plants which are useful in their right places become weeds if they grow where they are not wanted. Guinea grass for instance is a useful ...
  • Value of different forms of lime : title one. Intensive cane production : title two 

    Kerr, HW; Von Stieglitz, CR; title one; Ker, HW; Barke, EJR; title two (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1933)
    Title one: Early records show that the value of lime as a soil improver was known to agriculturists over 800 years ago, and its use has persisted as a standard practice through the intervening centuries. It is only quite ...
  • Soils in their relationship to sugar cane culture - a series of 4 radio lectures from 4QG, June, 1932 

    Kerr, HW (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1932)
    In its broad meaning soil is that friable upper layer of the earth composed for the most part of mineral matter resulting from the breaking up and decay of rocks. It is thus the product of rock weathering, brought about ...
  • Monthly notes on the Greyback Cane Beetle and its control 

    Jarvis, E
    JANUARY -- Completion of flighting and egg-laying of Greyback. Grubs of first stage attain maximum development 5 -- FEBRUARY -- End of egg and beetle seasons Commencement of fumigation Grubs of first and second stages found ...
  • The Childers cane beetle 

    Mungomery, RW (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1932)
    The Childers Cane Beetle is a native scrub-land pest, which, since the destruction of the original scrub timbers and the cultivation of sugar-cane on these lands, has found a new set of conditions which have proved almost ...
  • The treatment of cane setts with mercurial solutions 

    Hughes, CG
    As long ago as 1870, when the sugar industry in Queensland was in its early infancy, a practical farmer said, "It is a natural presumption that both heat and moisture are necessary to develop the vitality of the cane sett," ...
  • Farm fertility trials and review of the work of experiment stations : results for the 1932 season 

    Kerr, HW (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1933)
    In presenting the results of the Farm Fertility Trials harvested during 1932, advantage is taken of the opportunity to review also the work of the past year on the Northern, Central, and Southern Ex1periment Stations. The ...
  • Dwarf disease of sugar-cane 

    Bell, AF (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1933)
    Dwarf disease is a new and very destructive disease of sugar-cane which was discovered in the Mackay district in 1930. Fortunately the outbreak was discovered by officers of the Bureau in its very early stages, and by ...
  • Farm fertility trials - results for the 1930 season 

    Kerr, HW (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1931)
    During the past milling season the first series of farm fertility trials was harvested. In all twenty-nine experiments were carried through successfully; these were distributed throughout the cane areas from Mossman to ...
  • Papers on cane culture, disease and pest control 

    Kerr, HW; Bell, AF; Mungomerey, RW (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1931)
    " at the Second Annual Conference of the Queensland Society of Sugar-cane Technologists in March 1931, at Bundaberg, by officers of the Bureau." Fertilizers and their use/H.W. Kerr -- Tillage and cultivation/H.W. ...
  • Farm fertility trials - results for the 1931 season 

    Kerr, HW (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 1932)
    The first set of farm fertility trials was harvested during 1930, and the results therefrom were reported in Farm Bulletin No. 1. Many of the trials were re-fertilized at ratooning time-the treatments, in most cases, being ...
  • Green manuring and soil organic matter 

    King, NJ
    The following statement appears in 'Soil Conditions and Plant Growth,' by E. J. Russell. 'The effect of wild vegetation, sown grasses and clovers increasing the organic matter and nitrogen content of the soil, has long ...
  • Manual of canegrowing 

    Unknown author (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, 2000)

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