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    • Assessment of investment by in selected projects : Final report SRD007 

      Agtrans Research and Consulting (Sugar Research and Development Corporation (SRDC), 2006)
      The Sugar Research & Development Corporation (SRDC) required benefit-cost analyses (BCAs) to be undertaken on six of their recently completed investments. Information from the original project proposal, milestone reports, ...
    • Evaluation of selected project clusters in the R&D portfolio : Final report BCA002 

      Chudleigh, P; Lai, J; Simpson, S; White, B (Sugar Research and Development Corporation (SRDC), 2010)
      This report presents the results of economic analyses of clusters of investments within the Sugar Research & Development Corporation’s (SRDC’s) research and development portfolio.
    • Evaluation of the impact of investment in sugar research and development 

      Agtrans Research and Consulting; eSYS Development (1998)
      The study undertaken for BSES, SRDC and SRI has established that the investment of resources in RD&E is effected in a manner that is providing significant benefits to the sugar industry. This has been demonstrated through ...
    • Evaluation of the impact of the Sugar Research and Development Corporation (SRDC) 

      Agtrans Research and Consulting; McColl Carey Associates (1993)
      This report presents the results of an evaluation of the impact of the SRC and the SRDC since the formation of the SRC in November 1987. The study was initiated by the SRDC in response to their commitment to undertake an ...
    • Investment analyses for the Managing Climate Variability Program 

      Agtrans Research and Consulting; AGEC Consulting (2007)
      The Managing Climate Variability Program (MCVP) managed by Land and Water Australia (LWA) is scheduled to be completed by June 2007. In accord with LWA policy, the impact of the program required assessment and the impacts ...
    • monitoring and evaluation manual for researchers 

      Agtrans Research and Consulting; Sugar Research and Development Corporation (Agtrans Research, 2010)
      An impact evaluation framework encompasses a cohesive structure for evaluating research investment at project, program and portfolio levels with accountability as the prime purpose. An impact framework would normally ...