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    • Generation of a 345K sugarcane SNP chip 

      Aitken, KS; Farmer, A; Berkman, P; Muller, C; Wei, X; Demano, E; Jackson, PA; Magwire, M; Dietrich, B; Kota, R (2016)
      DNA markers can enhance rates of genetic gain in breeding programs and are currently being applied in many animal and crop species. The very large sugarcane genome means that many current 'best bet' markers associated with ...
    • Sugarcane biotechnology: The challenges and opportunities 

      Lakshmanan, P; Geijskes, RJ; Aitken, KS; Grof, CLP; Bonnett, GD; Smith, GR (2005)
      Commercial sugarcane, belonging to the genus Saccharum (Poaceae), is an important industrial crop accounting for nearly 70% of sugar produced worldwide. Compared to other major crops, efforts to improve sugarcane are limited ...