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    • Making the good better 

      Evers, A (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2017)
      When it comes to putting in place a new farming system in order to improve soil health and gain the associated benefits, it can seem a long and arduous journey. But for those who have implemented the learnings of the Sugar ...
    • Masterclasses in soil health and soil biology for the sugar industry : Final report 2016/025 

      Stirling, G; Evers, A; Young, A; Anderson, J; Garcia-Cuenca, S (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2018)
      A total of 252 sugar growers, productivity services staff and others attended a series of Master Classes in Soil Health/Soil Biology that were held in 2017 and 2018. During those classes they had the opportunity to see ...
    • Nitrogen - one piece of the puzzle 

      Evers, A (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2015)
      The Burdekin is well-known for its cane fields, mango trees and idyllic fishing spots. It is also home to RP20, a collaborative research project funded by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.
    • RP20 - How one trial has changed a mindset 

      Evers, A (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2017)
      Collaborators in the RP20 project in the Burdekin speak in this article about the success of the project. The RP20 project began with on goal in mind - to validate the SIX EASY STEPs method for calculating the amount of ...
    • Science in the field - anatomy of a trial 

      Evers, A (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2016)
      Over the past four years participants of the Burdekin Nitrogen Trials (RP20) have gone from sceptics to passionate supporters of the SIX EASY STEPS (TM) guidelines for nitrogen application. This can be partly explained by ...