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    • Application of molecular markers to sugarcane breeding 

      Jackson, P; Aitken, K; Baker, P; Foreman, J; Hewitt, M; Luckell, J; Piperidis, G; Li, J; Morgan, T; Wei, X (2006)
      The CRC SIIB marker application research aims to develop and evaluate ways to apply DNA markers to Australian sugarcane breeding programs to improve breeding, selection and fast release of high performing cultivars. This ...
    • Development and testing of a SNP marker platform in sugarcane : final report 2012/025 

      Aitken, K (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2016)
      Marker assisted selection is being used in many industries to develop new and improved crops. This project sought to develop a selection tool for the Australian sugarcane industry by developing a set of DNA markers ...
    • Introgression of new genes from Saccharum officinarum 

      Jackson, P; Piperidis, G; Aitken, K; Li, J; Morgan, T; Foreman, J; Hewitt, M; McIntyre, L; Berding, N (SRDC, 2004)
      Modern sugarcane cultivars are derived from two main ancestral species: Saccharum officinarum, which is the main source of high sucrose levels, and S. spontaneum. Only a small number of clones of either species have ever ...