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    • Chlorotic streak resistance screening in the Tully district 

      Magarey, RC; Sevntek, K; Bull, JI; Stringer, JK; Zamora, R (ASSCT, 2016)
      CHLOROTIC STREAK DISEASE (CSD) was first recognised more than 85 years ago and is present in most cane-growing countries around the world. An important management strategy is the use of resistant varieties; past research ...
    • Chlorotic streak transmission and crop dynamics research 

      Magarey, RC; Sventek, K; Bull, JI; Braithwaite, KS (ASSCT, 2016)
      CHLOROTIC STREAK DISEASE (CSD) is transmitted in water, specifically drainage, flood or irrigation water. Research showed that transmission in water was increased by the addition of oxytetracyline (Terramycin). A two-hour ...