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    • A review of nitrogen use efficiency in sugarcane 

      Bell, MJ; Biggs, J; McKellar, LB; Connellan, J; Di Bella, L; Dwyer, R; Empson, M; Garside, AJ; Harvey, T; Kraak, J; Lakshmanan, P; Lamb, DW; Meier, E; Moody, P; Muster, T; Palmer, J; Robinson, N; Robson, A; Salter, B; Schroeder, B; Silburn, M; Schmidt, S; Skocaj, DM; Stacey, S; Stanley, J; Thorburn, P; Verburg, K; Walker, C; Wang, W; Wood, A (2015)
      The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is the world's largest coral reef ecosystem, providing both substantial economic benefit to Australia and significant international ecological value. The health of the GBR is under pressure ...
    • BSES technical report TE11004 - Burdekin nitrogen project - September 2011 

      Connellan, J; Bateman, S; Schroeder, BL (2011)
      In response to the introduction of the regulated method of determining N, some canegrowers in the Burdekin district (which produces approximately 25% of Queensland's sugarcane) expressed concern that sugarcane yields could ...
    • Support of cane farmer trials of enhanced efficiency fertiliser in the catchments of the Great Barrier Reef : Final report 2016/807 

      Connellan, J; Thompson, M (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2022-01)
      There is growing pressure from community and government for farmers located within the Great Barrier Reef catchments to reduce nutrient losses. Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers (EEFs) provide an opportunity to improve ...