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    • A new cropping system for the Central district : SRDC Final report BSS269 

      Hussey, B (2009)
      The project aimed to facilitate establishment of new cropping system trials with both existing and new productivity groups by providing equipment and technical guidance; develop best practice guidelines for dual-row cropping ...
    • Benefits of controlled traffic farming : the Mackay experience 

      Hussey, B (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2013)
      Many growers in the Mackay region have moved to controlled traffic farming. This system is built on permanent wheel tracks where the crop zone and traffic lanes are permanently separated. Growers using this system have ...
    • Establishing the second crop cycle into permanent beds : SRDC Final report BSS306 

      Hussey, B (2010)
      The 'establishing the second crop cycle into permanent beds' project operated over a 3-year period from 2007 until 2010. The project aimed to assist growers who had adopted controlled traffic to re-establish a second crop ...
    • Increased adoption of efficient sustainable irrigation practices by Australian canegrowers : SRDC Final report BS127S 

      Holden, JR; Hussey, B; Shannon, EL (1997)
      SRDC funded the three-year project 'Increased Adoption of Efficient, Sustainable Irrigation Practices by Australian Canegrowers in July 1994. The broad objectives of the project were to; Determine perceived limits to ...
    • Irrigation : one of the keys to reaching yield potential 

      Hussey, B (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2014)
      Sugarcane grows fastest under conditions of adequate moisture, sunlight and temperatures over 24°C. Growth measurements of over 40 mm per day have been recorded. In the absence of growth restraints such as weeds, pests, ...
    • Irrigation scheduling 

      Hussey, B (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2014)
      Scheduling irrigation can help growers apply the right amount of water, in the right place, at the right time, to produce optimum yield. A range of tools are available to help with this important process.
    • Legumes : the pros and cons 

      Hussey, B (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2014)
      As seen in the previous article, ‘Planning the summer fallow’, in this edition, fallow legumes can improve cane yields and soil health. This handy table helps to compare and evaluate the different types of legumes available ...
    • Planning the summer fallow 

      Hussey, B (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2014)
      Fallowing should be an integral part of the cane production cycle. The fallow period provides a break from the cane monoculture and has important soil health benefits. However, the strategy you use needs to be one that ...
    • Precision Agriculture for the sugarcane industry 

      Olsen, S; Hussey, B (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2015)
    • The fallow – one of the busiest times on the farm 

      Hussey, B (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2013)
      While your land has a break from growing cane, you have an ideal opportunity to undertake many farm operations which are not possible during the normal growing period. Make the most of the opportunities which the fallow ...
    • Understanding soil organic matter and why it's important 

      Hussey, B (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2013)
      Increasing soil organic matter is widely regarded as beneficial to soil function and fertility. In agricultural production systems, it is integral to sustainable farming.
    • Using the ‘off-season’ to get your farming equipment right for the season ahead 

      Hussey, B (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2014)
      The ‘off-season’ – December through to April – is a great time for growers to repair and maintain farm machinery. It is also an excellent time to find out what other growers are doing, and to think about modifications to ...