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    • Biological factors driving YCS 

      Botha, FC; Marquardt, A; Wathen-Dunn, K; Scalia, Gerard; Joyce, P (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2015)
      Yellow Canopy Syndrome (YCS) was first observed in 2012 in the Central and Northern cane-growing regions in Australia and has since spread much further south. The 2015 season is particularly bad in the Mackay and Proserpine ...
    • Marker-assisted selection for smut resistance : ASSCT poster paper 

      Sun, Y; Joyce, P; Deomano, E; Eglinton, J (ASSCT, 2019)
    • Solving YCS : final report 2014/049 

      Scalia, G; Joyce, P; Powell, K (ASSCT, 2021)
      Yellow canopy syndrome (YCS) is a sporadic condition presenting as golden-yellowing of the mid canopy in sugarcane during the peak growing period of December to March. The key driver of YCS is growth rate and symptoms ...
    • Starch accumulation in sugarcane in response to stress 

      Joyce, P; Don, NH; Sousa, M; Olsen, D (ASSCT, 2016)
      Yellow Canopy Syndrome (YCS) is a new problem affecting the Australian sugar industry. It was first reported in 2012 and has increased in occurrence and spread from the initial reports in North Queensland to further south ...