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AuthorSellick, S
AuthorCalcino, D
AuthorShannon, G
AuthorBenson, A
AuthorPorta, M
Date Accessioned2013-05-22
Date Available2013-05-22
AbstractAs part of the Reef Rescue project, BSES Limited has two contracts with Terrain Natural Resource Management involving the delivery of specific extension services to the sugar cane industry in the Terrain region sugarcane districts from the Herbert to Mossman. These extension services sit within the BSES strategic plan (2008-13) and are designed to support improvements in water quality outcomes that also potentially improve long-term sustainability of the industry.The two contracts are for Extension Support for growers to access on-farm funding (BSES code 2420420) and delivery of industry training (BSES codes 2425420 and 2430420 run as one project).This report is for 2425420 and 2430420 and involves the following key areas of activity:1. Provide technical support and membership to the Terrain sugar industry working group2. Provide specific extension services to assist Herbert and Tully growers in accessing Federal Government on-farm matched funding for works that improve both productivity and water quality outcome3. Provide an increased volume of industry support in areas of nutrient management and weed management programmes4. Provide technical support to the ABCD land-use practice guidelines and industry surveys for reporting to the Federal Government.
Part of SeriesBSES Internal Report; 2011 E-copy CO11011
SubjectNutrient management
SubjectWeed management
SubjectSix easy steps
TitleReport for terrain natural resource management : delivery of six easy steps and integrated weed management workshops throughout the terrain region
KeywordsReef rescue project, Terrain Natural resource management, extension services, water quality improvement, sugarcane industry, working groups, incentive grants applications, Ingham Mossman

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    Research outcomes: Research results and new technologies are communicated and transferred in an appropriate and timely manner across the industry value chain, supporting increased uptake of best-practice and innovative technology. A skilled advisory sector that drives the adoption of new technology. An industry knowledge base that incorporates and makes freely available the most up-to-date production methodologies to industry. Collaborative alliances, partnerships and networks that optimise synergies, integrate knowledge and share best-practices.

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