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OrganisationAgtrans Research and Consulting
Date Accessioned2013-09-26
Date Available2013-09-26
AbstractAn impact evaluation framework encompasses a cohesive structure for evaluating research investment at project, program and portfolio levels with accountability as the prime purpose. An impact framework would normally include triple bottom line reporting whereby a broad set of economic, environmental and social impacts and benefits are considered. This is a convenient way of expressing the Australian community's interest in the wider outcomes produced by research investment. Other purposes served from impact evaluation processes include improving current investment management and future investment planning. It should be acknowledged that research is endeavouring to discover and understand facts and information not yet known. In this regard, a research project can by definition ‘fail’ in a direct application sense yet still be successful in a research sense.
PublisherAgtrans Research
Part of SeriesInternal Report; 2011 ATR002
SubjectImpact evaluation framework
SubjectEconomic, environmental and social impacts
SubjectProject evaluation
SubjectProject management
SubjectProject evaluation
SubjectCost benefit analysis
TitleSRDC monitoring and evaluation manual for SRDC researchers

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    Research outcomes: A highly skilled industry workforce with the knowledge and capability to meet current and future needs of the industry. Connected and respected, both domestically and internationally. Motivated industry participants who promote an enthusiastic approach to solving industry issues.

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