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AuthorGranshaw, B
Date Accessioned2013-10-17
Date Available2013-10-17
AbstractIssue: The issue that this project sought to address was to increase the performance of the harvester and haul-out during forward progression. This issue has ramifications through the entire sugar value chain as losses at this point are unrecoverable and the financial losses are spread across the industry and community. It is increasingly difficult to secure experienced operators with the financial incentive to move to the resources sector, therefore we in the sugar industry face a skill shortage. This project investigated the use of cutting edge technology to automate critical operations to reduce the risk of operator error, to minimise fatigue due to long hours and to maximise the efficiency of the entire harvesting hauling operation whilst in the paddock.
Part of SeriesInternal Report; 2010 GRF001
SubjectHarvest management
SubjectHarvest and haul-out performance
SubjectAutomate operations
SubjectDGPS technology
SubjectAutomate forward progression of harvesting and haul-out
SubjectCustom software
SubjectRelative position of the harvester and haul-out
SubjectHarvest automation
SubjectRTK-GPS auto-steer solution
SubjectPrecision agriculture
SubjectGrower led project
SubjectFarming systems
SubjectProduction management
TitleAutomating harvester and haulout forward progression during harvest utilizing DGPS : SRA Grower Group Innovation Project final report

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  • Farming systems and production management [221]
    Research outcomes: Growers and harvesters benefit from the ongoing research in productivity improvement, production management and agronomical techniques. Developed technologies and management practices that enhance productivity and demonstrate a high rate of return on investment

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