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OrganisationCSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems
OrganisationQueensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries
AuthorPark, S
AuthorHowden, M
Date Accessioned2013-10-17
Date Available2013-10-17
AbstractAustralia is facing some degree of continuing global change (IPCC 2007) (referred to as climate change in this report, and including climate variables and atmospheric gases). The Agriculture and Food Policy Reference Group (2006) considers that without adequate preparation, climate change could have serious implications for sustainable agriculture in Australia. Changes to current practices are therefore required to accommodate climatic changes and ensure future sustainability of the industry in its present location. This challenge will require capacity building to help stakeholders interpret projections, consider impacts and risks and develop and adopt adaptation strategies to address climate change. It is also necessary to identify knowledge gaps to guide future R&D investment.
Part of SeriesInternal Report; 2007 CSE019
SubjectValue chain
SubjectClimate change
SubjectClimate variability
SubjectAdaptation to climate change
SubjectImpacts, risk and opportunities
SubjectResearch needs
SubjectAdaptation strategies
SubjectKnowledge gaps
SubjectSustainable agriculture
SubjectEnvironment impact
SubjectClimate projections
SubjectFarming systems
SubjectProduction management
TitleGlobal change : helping inform the Australian sugar industry on potential impacts, possible adaptation strategies and best bet investment of R&D

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  • Farming systems and production management [226]
    Research outcomes: Growers and harvesters benefit from the ongoing research in productivity improvement, production management and agronomical techniques. Developed technologies and management practices that enhance productivity and demonstrate a high rate of return on investment

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