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AuthorTabone, B
Date Accessioned2013-12-12
Date Available2013-12-12
AbstractThe aim of the project was to achieve more efficient harvesting within our group. We monitored the harvesting effort for each paddock to determine the levels of paddock efficiency and increase awareness of the results. The results from two seasons are as different as the weather conditions during the growing and the harvest. It can be noted the through put during both years in both crop configurations is less in the 2006 season. The 2006 season had a damp start and a very wet middle and a dry end (thank goodness) As a result, more engine hours per ton were required to harvest the crop. Wet field conditions and lower bin weights, equates to more trips for the haul outs realising a small increase in fuel consumption. The work efficiency is the relationship between total engine hours and total elevator hours expressed as a percentage. The elevator was running 5% longer while harvesting twin rows in 2006 which indicates a slower forward speed during cutting. To reward on farm efficiency, a new payment system needed to be formulated to achieve a harvester price differential. The payment system most widely accepted is the hourly rate as can be monitored easily and ratified by the growers. The growers would also get an instant benefit from any on farm improvements they made such as pipe crossings making hauls shorter and haul road improvements. Also, conditions change each year which makes it difficult to adopt any other formula which would be as indicative or relative to each situation.
Part of SeriesInternal Report; 2007 HGP006
SubjectGrower group
SubjectHarvester payment
SubjectControlled traffic farming (CTF)
SubjectCost efficient harvest
SubjectEfficient harvest conditions
SubjectNew farming system
SubjectHarvesting expenses
SubjectFarming systems
SubjectProduction management
SubjectSRDC Grower Group Innovation Project
TitleImproved harvesting efficiency in farming systems : SRDC Grower Group Innovation Project final report

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