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    • A review of nitrogen use efficiency in sugarcane 

      Bell, MJ; Biggs, J; McKellar, LB; Connellan, J; Di Bella, L; Dwyer, R; Empson, M; Garside, AJ; Harvey, T; Kraak, J; Lakshmanan, P; Lamb, DW; Meier, E; Moody, P; Muster, T; Palmer, J; Robinson, N; Robson, A; Salter, B; Schroeder, B; Silburn, M; Schmidt, S; Skocaj, DM; Stacey, S; Stanley, J; Thorburn, P; Verburg, K; Walker, C; Wang, W; Wood, A (2015)
      The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is the world's largest coral reef ecosystem, providing both substantial economic benefit to Australia and significant international ecological value. The health of the GBR is under pressure ...
    • Final report - SRDC project BSS268 - Accelerating the adoption of best-practice nutrient management in the Australian sugar industry 

      Schroeder, BL; Moody, P; Wood, A (2010)
      This project BSS268 developed further the SIX EASY STEPS program, including additional compentents to its integrated package. It aimed to accelerate the adoption of sustainable nutrient management by: 1: Improving knowledge ...