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    • A review of nitrogen use efficiency in sugarcane 

      Bell, MJ; Biggs, J; McKellar, LB; Connellan, J; Di Bella, L; Dwyer, R; Empson, M; Garside, AJ; Harvey, T; Kraak, J; Lakshmanan, P; Lamb, DW; Meier, E; Moody, P; Muster, T; Palmer, J; Robinson, N; Robson, A; Salter, B; Schroeder, B; Silburn, M; Schmidt, S; Skocaj, DM; Stacey, S; Stanley, J; Thorburn, P; Verburg, K; Walker, C; Wang, W; Wood, A (2015)
      The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is the world's largest coral reef ecosystem, providing both substantial economic benefit to Australia and significant international ecological value. The health of the GBR is under pressure ...
    • Decision support for choice of enhanced efficiency fertilisers - Herbert catchment pilot study : Final report 2017/015 

      Verburg, K (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2019)
      Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers (EEF) are of interest to the sugarcane industry because they have the potential to increase N use efficiency and reduce nitrogen (N) loss. However, agronomic and environmental benefits are ...
    • Role of controlled release fertilizer in Australian sugarcane systems: final report 2014/011 

      Verburg, K (Sugar Research Australia Limited, 2017)
      Controlled release fertilisers (CRFs) are promoted as a means to optimise the productivity achieved per unit of fertiliser nitrogen (N) input and lower environmental impacts from N leaching, runoff and emission losses. ...