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    • Increasing the capacity to identify and action value chain integration opportunities 

      Higgins, A; Archer, AA (2005)
      This report provides a review of the past value chain sugar research in Australia and other countries, and formulates key messages that the Australian industry can learn upon for future value chain activities. Compared to ...
    • Integrated value chain scenarios for enhanced mill region profitability 

      Thorburn, PJ; Archer, AA; Hobson, PA; Higgins, AJ; Sandel, GR; Prestwidge, DB; Andrew, B; Antony, G; McDonald, LJ; Downs, P; Juffs, R (2005)
      The Australian sugar industry has recently faced an unprecedented cost-price ‘squeeze’ from a run of poor seasons and the collapse of the sugar price. As a result there is impetus to consider diversifying products from the ...