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    • A wedgewire support for screens in continuous centrifugals, Bingera mill - 1987 season 

      Noble, AG (BSES, 1988)
      Discussions between Bundaberg Sugar Company, the Surescreen Group and BSES resulted in BSES sponsoring the installation of a wedgewire backing screen in a K1000 basket at Bingera Mill during 1987 season. This report ...
    • Evaluation of high open area screens 

      BSES Staff (BSES, 1987)
      Following the offer from ANI-Sargeants of several sets of high open area screens for testing, trials were arranged at Fairymead and Millaquin Mills, as it has been the contention that higher open areas would allow higher ...
    • Open area and screen resistance measurements on fugal screens 

      Noble, AG (BSES, 1988)
      To determine whether the decrease in fugal capacity was due to the working screen or the wedgewire backing supporting it, a series of measurements were carried out on test specimens cut from the top, middle and bottom of ...