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  • Capability Development, Attraction and Retention [0]

    Research outcomes: A highly skilled industry workforce with the knowledge and capability to meet current and future needs of the industry. Connected and respected, both domestically and internationally. Motivated industry ...
  • Farming Systems and Production Management [85]

    Research outcomes: Growers and harvesters benefit from the ongoing research in productivity improvement, production management and agronomical techniques. Developed technologies and management practices that enhance ...
  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Adoption [15]

    Research outcomes: Research results and new technologies are communicated and transferred in an appropriate and timely manner across the industry value chain, supporting increased uptake of best-practice and innovative ...
  • Milling Efficiency and Technology [0]

    Research outcomes: Optimised mill transport and logistics. Mill capacity and efficiency is optimised through improved processes, technology and value chain coordination and collaboration.
  • Pest, Disease and Weed Management [104]

    Research outcomes: A comprehensive RD&E program that addresses existing and emerging pests, diseases and weeds, allowing sugarcane growers to manage their crops efficiently with minimal environmental impacts. An enhanced ...
  • Product Diversification and Value Addition [5]

    Research outcomes: Focus on achieving an established research program that monitors, facilitates and develops alternative and innovative uses for sugarcane.
  • Soil Health and Nutrient Management [92]

    Research outcomes: Soil health is improved with a resulting positive impact on the environment and yield growth. Improved reputation and relationship between industry and environmental groups.
  • Varieties, plant breeding and release [29]

    Research outcomes: Comprehensive and efficient variety breeding, selection and release programs responding to yield expectations, environmental constraints, resource scarcity and regional preferences. Faster varietal ...

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