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OrganisationCSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems
AuthorInman-Bamber, NG
Date Accessioned2015-03-11
Date Available2015-03-11
AbstractCompared to other crops, knowledge of growth mechanisms in sugarcane is inadequate. The question arises as to how much longer can we continue to prosper from sugarcane if knowledge of the growth processes on which our industry depends, remains outdated? Sucrose accumulation and efficient use of resources are primary concerns for this industry. To date we have only limited understanding of climate and management links to sucrose content or CCS and this undermines our ability to manage water, nutrients, varieties and the harvest schedule for maximum CCS and optimum cane yield. Cane and sucrose yields are often below potential for reasons about which we can only speculate (Leslie and Byth, 2000). In the past, research funds have been directed at opportunities for raising limitations to yield and efficiency of resource use at the gene and enzyme level as well as at the crop and paddock level. There has been no attempt to integrate research or information across these disciplines or to assess where progress toward sustainable production is most likely to be achieved. SRDC recognized that it was now time for each discipline interested in the same processes to get together to find out how their different approaches could be complementary. SRDC also recognised the need to review past data relating to crop growth in the later stages of crop development to see if something could be done about under performing crops during this stage.
Part of SeriesInternal Report; 2004 CSE006
SubjectClimate and management interaction
SubjectResearch needs
SubjectSucrose accumulation
SubjectSucrose content
SubjectGenetics and management interactions
SubjectGrowth in ageing crops
SubjectRadiation use efficiency (RUE)
SubjectReduced growth phenomenon (RGP)
SubjectSucrose yield accumulation
SubjectResource use efficiency
SubjectSugarcane crop physiology
SubjectBiochemistry, plant physiology and crop physiology
SubjectPhysiological processes
SubjectReduced growth
SubjectPhysiological framework
SubjectPlant physiology
SubjectCrop physiology
SubjectPlant breeding
TitleKnowledge of sugarcane physiology and climate-crop-soil interactions : SRDC final report

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  • Varieties, plant breeding and release [124]
    Research outcomes: Comprehensive and efficient variety breeding, selection and release programs responding to yield expectations, environmental constraints, resource scarcity and regional preferences. Faster varietal adoption using advanced methods for bulking, distribution and planting.

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