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AuthorDoherty, W
AuthorRainey, T
AuthorBakir, H
Date Accessioned2018-03-05
Date Available2018-03-05
AbstractThe project aimed to improve the flocculation and sedimentation of slow settling mud, and reduce the pol/moisture content of mill mud by: Identifying key parameters which are associated with difficult to clarify soils; Identifying processes to improve the clarification of poor quality cane; and Identifying a strategy to condition filter cake that is difficult to process. The project seeks to realize its objective by conducting physico-chemical assessment of different soils from cane fields reported to produce juices that are difficult to clarify. Results from the assessment will be used to identify an additive/process that can be used to bring about particle aggregation and improved settling of the floc particles. Permeability and compressibility parameters of mud cake obtained from the difficult to clarify soils will be conducted using a custom-built laboratory mud cake former.
PublisherSugar Research Australia Limited
Part of Series2012/056; QUT056
TitleFlocculation and sedimentation of slow settling mud and mud cake conditioning : final report 2012/056
KeywordsTechnical report in embargoed reports collection, NIR, Mill efficiency, DA, spectroscopic technology, NIR analysis

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  • Milling efficiency and technology [52]
    Research outcomes: Optimised mill transport and logistics. Mill capacity and efficiency is optimised through improved processes, technology and value chain coordination and collaboration.

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