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AuthorPatane, P
AuthorNorris, CP
AuthorNothard, B
AuthorPfumayaramba, T
AuthorVenables, C
Date Accessioned2021-02-15
Date Available2021-02-15
AbstractPatane (et al. 2019) determined that Harvesting Best Practice (HBP) is predicated by two essential objectives. 1. Defining the critical point where harvesting losses can be minimised and delivered yields improved to achieve the best economic return for the grower and harvesting operation; and 2. Balancing losses with cane quality, which is determined by sound billet quality with an acceptable level of Extraneous Matter (EM). Despite significant research into the impact of higher harvester pour rates and fan speeds on harvested cane yields, use of HBP recommendations prior to the commencement of the adoption program across the industry was relatively low. Full HBP adoption across the Australian sugarcane industry could substantially increase industry revenue without the need for horizontal expansion (increase in cane land). In 2019, continuing on from the work conducted by Patane (et al. 2019), Sugar Research Australia in partnership with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries delivered further trials.
PublisherSugar Research Australia Limited
Part of SeriesAdoption of practices to mitigate harvest losses : final report 2016/955
Part of Series2
SubjectHarvest losses
SubjectHarvest best practice
SubjectSCHLOT live
SubjectFarming systems
SubjectProduction management
TitleAdoption of practices to mitigate harvest losses : Final report 2019/951
KeywordsHarvest losses
KeywordsHarvest best practice
KeywordsSCHLOT live

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