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OrganisationSugar Research Australia Limited
OrganisationDepartment of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
OrganisationCotton Research and Development Corporation
AuthorReeves, S
AuthorWang, W
Date Accessioned2021-04-08
Date Available2021-04-08
AbstractJointly funded by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Sugar Research Australia, Queensland Government, and industry and research partners, this project aimed to: (1) characterise PCU N release dynamics in relation to crop N uptake and identify the most desirable PCU formulation for enhanced synchronisation between N supply and crop N uptake; (2) assess the potential benefits of blending PCU with conventional urea as a means to improve N use efficiency and profitability; (3) investigate if use of NI+U or PCU blend could decrease nitrate leaching; and (4) develop a decision support tool to assist with product selection and use.
PublisherCotton Research and Development Corporation;
PublisherDepartment of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
Part of SeriesMore profit from nitrogen
Part of SeriesRural R&D for Profit Program
TitleSmart blending of enhanced efficiency fertilisers to maximise sugarcane profitability : final technical report RRDP1718

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  • Soil health and nutrient management [106]
    Research outcomes: Soil health is improved with a resulting positive impact on the environment and yield growth. Improved reputation and relationship between industry and environmental groups.

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