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AuthorLinedale, AI
Date Accessioned2012-11-13
Date Available2012-11-13
AbstractThe effectiveness of rope-wick application of glyphosate (as Roundup) in controlling the common reed Phragmites australis in the Moreton and Rocky Point areas has fostered interest in this method of chemical weed control for general farm use. Further incentive to investigate this potential was provided by reported savings of chemical costs when compared to spray application, and the absence of associated drift problems with non-target species. In-crop application was estimated to be the area of greatest extra potential for rope-wick technology. Since application in the interspace between sugarcane rows would provide a critical testing situation for general farm application, inter-row strip trials were conducted in growing crops on four sites with an applicator developed specifically for that purpose. Additionally, a trial conducted concurrently with the project has resulted in a more precise evaluation of control of the common reed by the rope-wick method.
Part of SeriesBSES - Nambour; 1984 No 294 Report 209.02.015
SubjectPhragmites Australis
SubjectRocky Point
SubjectRope Wick
SubjectWeed Control
TitleThe evaluation of rope-wick application of glyphosate as a method of chemical weed control in some typical farm locations

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  • Pest, disease and weed management [179]
    Research outcomes: A comprehensive RD&E program that addresses existing and emerging pests, diseases and weeds, allowing sugarcane growers to manage their crops efficiently with minimal environmental impacts. An enhanced industry capacity to deal with incursions of exotic pests, diseases and weeds.

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