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AuthorDick, RG
Date Accessioned2012-11-13
Date Available2012-11-13
AbstractResearch designed to establish practical techniques for stool destruction at the end of a crop's cycle is described. Trials conducted at the Tully Sugar Experiment Station during 1982 and 1983 have shown that glyphosate (Roundup) can kill sugarcane. The effects of various rates and methods of application of Roundup on eight varieties at four stages of growth are outlined. Cane planted by four different methods following minimum tillage operations in a trash blanket had a high percentage germination. Shoot and stalk counts at different stages of growth are tabulated.
Part of SeriesBSES - Tully; 1985 No 296 Report 107.10.017
SubjectStool Eradication
SubjectMinimum Tillage
SubjectFarming systems
SubjectProduction management
TitleStool eradication using minimum tillage or glyphosate and associated planting methods

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