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Study tour of Indonesian Sugar Industry to ascertain quarantine risk to Australian Sugar Industry

AuthorCroft, BJ
Date Accessioned2012-11-13
Date Available2012-11-13
AbstractSugarcane smut and RSD occur at a high incidence and severity in the Indonesian sugar industry. Indonesia plans to close small factories and plantations on Java and establish new plantations on Irian Jaya, East Timor and Sulawesi. Movement of cane diseases in particular smut to these islands, which are closer to Australia, must be considered a major threat to the Australian Sugar Industry. Immediate discussions should be commenced to develop a plan to assist the Indonesians to prevent diseases from entering these new plantations, especially on Irian Jaya.The Indonesian Sugar Research Institute strongly supports our proposed ACIAR project. The Institute has good facilities and should provide a good partner in attempts to improve quarantine in the region.Other diseases of quarantine significance to Australia in Indonesia are leaf scorch which occurs on Sumatra and strain B and E of sugarcane mosaic. Downy mildew and Fiji disease occur in Irian Jaya, but not in commercial plantations.Assisting the Indonesian Sugar Industry to control diseases, especially smut, is in the long term interests of Australia as this will reduce the risk of this serious disease entering Australia
Part of SeriesBSES Internal Report; 1996 No 832 Report SR96010
SubjectEconomic losses
SubjectContingency plans
SubjectPathogen risk analysis
SubjectSugarcane diseases
SubjectIndonesian Sugar Industry
SubjectDisease control
SubjectPathology research
TitleBS172S Pathogen risk analysis to prioritise research and quarantine needs of the Australian Sugar Industry
TitleStudy tour of Indonesian Sugar Industry to ascertain quarantine risk to Australian Sugar Industry

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    Research outcomes: A comprehensive RD&E program that addresses existing and emerging pests, diseases and weeds, allowing sugarcane growers to manage their crops efficiently with minimal environmental impacts. An enhanced industry capacity to deal with incursions of exotic pests, diseases and weeds.

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