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AuthorBerding, N
AuthorKing, RW
Date Accessioned2012-11-13
Date Available2012-11-13
AbstractThe objectives of this project was to determine the sensitivity of the floral initiation process in sugarcane to day temperatures exceeding 32?C.The objective was not achieved because no meristems were initiated in the five experiments conducted, and therefore the hypothesis remains untested. This was despite precise temperature control being effected in the CSIRO phytotron.
Part of SeriesBSES Internal Report; 2000 No 1019 Report SD00014; SRDC BSS158
SubjectSugarcane Flowering Temperature
SubjectPlant Improvement
SubjectPhotoperiod facility (PF)
SubjectPhotoperiod regime
SubjectPlant breeding
TitleHigh day temperature inhibition of sugarcane flowering : SRDC final report BSS158

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  • Varieties, plant breeding and release [124]
    Research outcomes: Comprehensive and efficient variety breeding, selection and release programs responding to yield expectations, environmental constraints, resource scarcity and regional preferences. Faster varietal adoption using advanced methods for bulking, distribution and planting.

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