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AuthorMessrs, PG
AuthorEgan, BT
AuthorKirby, LK
Date Accessioned2013-05-22
Date Available2013-05-22
AbstractFollowing Discussion between the Australian Producers' Association and the Director of the Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations it was decided to carry out a series of cane deterioration trials in the South Queensland district during the 1967 season. As management of Fairymead Mill offered to supply and harvest cane for these tests from their plantation, and to make available laboratory facilities for this work, it was decided to carry out the work at Fairymead.
AbstractThe planning and supervision of the project was placed in the hands of the Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations. This organisation provided most of the major items of laboratory equipment, and had one officer working full time on the project with other officers working part time. The Central Sugar Cane Prices Board seconded two of its staff members to work under the direction of the Bureau supervisor. Fairymead mill, as well as arranging cane supply, arranged for the remainder of the necessary items of laboratory equipment to be provided, and also provided staff assistance for the work. Other parties interested in the project, with whom discussions were held regarding the work programme, were the Queensland Cane Growers' Council and the Fairymead. Mill Suppliers' Committee.
Part of SeriesBSES Internal Report; 1968 0.835
SubjectCane Deterioration
SubjectMill unit operations
TitleA condensed report on cane deterioration trials : Fairymead, 1967 season
KeywordsFairymead, Storage

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