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AuthorVassallo, C
AuthorVassallo, G
Date Accessioned2013-12-12
Date Available2013-12-12
AbstractAfter working with the Central Region new farming system grower group we decided to take the system to the next level and implement GPS guidance and precision. Our aim was to overcome the problems associated with converting from 1.5 metres conventional to 1.83 meters controlled traffic using GPS guidance, bed forming, minimum tillage, break crops and converting existing equipment to the new system. Some equipment needed to be invented as we proceeded with the new system. The learning from the project was that the 1.83m controlled traffic system needs to be established in a conventional way, rather than preformed beds. The cane needs to be planted deep into the soil, rather than on mounds to establish the stool deep in the soil, into the moisture zone. GPS guidance is of great assistance to establish true control traffic farming.
Part of SeriesInternal Report; 2007 GGP006
SubjectPrecision agriculture
SubjectSeptimus Farming Group
SubjectGrower group
SubjectNew farming system
SubjectWider row space
SubjectImproved adoption of farming practices
SubjectFarming systems
SubjectProduction management
TitlePrecision farming with controlled traffic and GPS guidance system : SRA Grower Group Innovation Project final report

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