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AuthorZhang, A
AuthorBaker, I
AuthorJakku, E
AuthorLlewellyn, R
Date Accessioned2017-09-27
Date Available2017-09-27
AbstractThe aim of the project was to benchmark Australian producers’ needs, perceived risks and benefits, and expectations associated with digital agriculture and big data context. Such understanding will inform strategies aimed at 1) better utilising agricultural data to enhance productivity and profitability, and 2) better capitalising on the opportunities created by digital agriculture and big data. In consultation with P2D project members and participating RDCs, CSIRO designed the survey questionnaire and conducted a survey of 1000 producers across 17 agricultural industries during the period of 7 March to 18 April 2017. The sampling specifications for each industry was defined in consultation with relevant participating RDCs. The study investigated producers’ needs, perceived risks and benefits, and expectations from three aspects: telecommunication infrastructure, the status of current data collection, and data sharing and concerns in the big data context.
dc.description.sponsorshipCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
dc.description.sponsorshipCotton Research and Development Corporation
PublisherCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
PublisherCotton Research and Development Corporation
SubjectPrecision agriculture
SubjectDigital agriculture
SubjectFarming systems
SubjectProduction management
TitleAccelerating precision agriculture to decision agriculture: the needs and drivers for the present and future of digital agriculture in Australia
KeywordsEnhanced efficiency fertiliser, control release fertiliser, fertilizer, CRF, nitrogen management, characteristics, N release patterns, simulation model, agronomic benefits, environmental benefits, economic analyses, coating integrity, synchronise N release, nitrification inhibitors, design specifications, crop N uptake patterns, N loss

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  • Farming systems and production management [221]
    Research outcomes: Growers and harvesters benefit from the ongoing research in productivity improvement, production management and agronomical techniques. Developed technologies and management practices that enhance productivity and demonstrate a high rate of return on investment

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